We Stand on Guard 

Bonded & Insured
Military, Police, Security Experience

24 Hours a Day - 7 Days a Week

LawrenceLawrence Dashwood-Jones is the owner operator of The Home Guard security service in Campbell River.

The Home Guard is available to protect your home in your absence. If you are away for an extended period of time for business, vacation or major home renovations the Home Guard is there to protect you and your possessions.

It is important to note that some home insurance coverage may not exceed 30 days of owner vacancy. Therefore fire, flood, burglary and vandalism may not be covered unless someone is guarding your house.

The Home Guard provides extensive service, we pick up all mail, flyers, newspapers, and solicitation cards. We will change indoor and outdoor lighting to give the appearance of occupancy. We check the premises outside and inside for any visual disturbance to the home or lot.

The Home Guard will also (with customer permission) be made first response to any alarm.

The Home Guard principal can be anywhere in Campbell River in 15 to 30 minutes.

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